About Kalasin

Kalasin is another province in the Northeast of Thailand with important historical backgrounds and ancient civilization. Apart from its natural attractions, the best and biggest fossil research center and dinosaur museum of South East Asia is also located here.

The province is comprised of 18 Amphoes, which are Mueang Kalasin, Yang Talad, Kamalasai, Sahatsakhan, Somdej, Kuchinarai, Tha Kan Tho, Khao Wong, Huai Mek, Kham Muang, Nong Kung Si, Namon, Huai Phueng, Rong Kham, Sam Chai, Na Koo, Don Charn, and Khong Chai. 

How to go

There are air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned Bangkok – Kalasin buses running from the Mo Chit Bus Terminal (Northeastern Line) every day.  For more information, call 1490 or visit www.transport.co.th.

Online ticket booking is also available on www.busticket.in.th, www.thaiticketmajor.com, and www.thairoute.com.

There is no train service to Kalasin, so visitors must take the train from Bangkok to Khon Kaen and then catch a bus from Khon Kaen to Kalasin, a distance of 75 kilometers. The State Railway of Thailand has daily rapid train, express train, and air-conditioned sprinter train services to Khon Kaen. For more details, call SRT at Tel. 1690, or 0 2220 4334, 0 2220 4444, Khon Kaen Railway Station, Tel. 0 4322 1112, or visit www.railway.co.th.

There are no direct flights from Bangkok to Kalasin, but you can get a flight from Bangkok to Khon Kaen and then catch a bus to Kalasin, a distance of 75 kilometers.


Phraya Chaisunthon Monument (Chao Somphamit)

It is located in front of the Kalasin Post Office. The life-sized monument is made from bronze in a standing position with the right hand holding a teapot, and left hand holding a magic sword.

Phraya Chaisunthon Monument (Chao Somphamit)

Phutthasathan Phu Po

It is located in the compound of Wat In Prathan Phon, Tambon Phu Po, approximately 28 kilometres from Kalasin province. Travel along Highway No. 213 and then at approximately Km. 59, turn left to Ban Chot – Ban Na Chan – Na Khok Khwai for 16 kilometres. The site is where two ancient reclining Buddha images of the Dvaravati period carved on the cliff can be seen. They are the sacred images highly revered by the people of Kalasin and nearby provinces. The first image is at the foothill and the second one is on Phu Po. Apart from storing sacred Buddha images, Phu Po also features beautiful nature perfect for rest and relaxation. There is an annual ceremony to celebrate the reclining Buddha images in April every year.

Phutthasathan Phu Po

Lam Pao Wildlife Conservation Development and Promotion Stat

Suan Sa-on is located near Lam Pao Dam with a total area of 1,420 rai. It is quite an abundant deciduous dipterocarp forest. Inside is an open zoo in which there are indigenous wild animals including 130 bantengs, which are rare, and also other fauna like gibbons, monkeys, various kinds of domestic and migratory birds, along with nature trails. Suan Sa-on is open every day from 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., free of charge. Visitors who want to stay or do camping at the station have to ask for permission in advance by sending a letter to the Lam Pao Wildlife Conservation Development and Promotion Station at P.O. Box 120, Amphoe Mueang, Kalasin 46000; or Director of the Wildlife Conservation Office, National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department. Tel. 0 2562 0760.

Lam Pao Wildlife Conservation Development and Promotion Stat