Huai Nam Dang

Huai Nam Dang: Misty Mountain Views

The Huai Nam Dang National Park is the eighty-first national park of Thailand. Huai Nam Dang is a chain of mountains from north to south in line with Chiang Dao mountain. Huai Nam Dang is from 500 to 1,962 meters above sea level. The highest mountain of Huai Nam Dang is Doi Chang which is the headwater forest. There are numerous streams such as Huai Mae Yen, Huai Mae Hi, Huai Mae Ping, Huai Mae Chok Luang, and Haui Nam Dang. All steams flow together to the Pai River, Ping River, and Tang River. Because of the high mountain range, sylvan evergreen forest, pine forest, and mixed forest can be experienced. The weather of Huai Nam Dang is cool all year and the scenery is spectacular in each season.The charm of Huai Nam Dang is the sunsets over the pine forests. It is very exotic and romantic. There are campfire activities available at night. In addition, the distinctive point of Huai Nam Dang is the sunrise in the midst of white mist. Winter is the best season to experience the wonderful natural surroundings.In the morning, many tourists go to the viewpoint called Doi Kiew Lom viewpoint which is the most popular viewing spot in the park. From here, you can see nine mountains which are Doi Chang, Doi Mae Sala, Doi Lao Wu, Doi Mae Ngum, Dou Khun Khong, Doi Pi, Doi Mae Mue, Doi Muang Khong, and Doi Luang Chiang Dao. The mist covers the lowland, so all you can see is the top of the mountains over clouds contrasting with the color of the sun. It is the most stunning sunrise in Thailand.

Throughout the winter, Huai Nam Dang is the most popular region to experience the mist. You can take photos of the misty hills, but also various kinds of northern flowers. The abundance of pine and mixed forests are very impressive for tourists who love bird watching.There is not only Doi Kiew Lom viewpoint, but also Doi Chang viewpoint which about twenty kilometers from Huai Nam Dang National Park. It is also a great place to see the mountain range and the beautiful mist in the morning. If you have time and a 4WD car, you can go to Doi Sam Muen which is about thirty kilometers from Huai Nam Dang National Park. You will enjoy the dirt track road and be impressed by the beauty of Bua Tong field which blooms and covers Doi Sam Muen around December-January. You can visit here just in winter also.

How to get there

The Huai Nam Dang National Park is located on highway. 1095, km 65-66. Start from the city of Chiang Mai along Highway 107. Go through the gate of Tang Chang Pauek. Head to Mae Rim and Mae Tang District. Before reaching Mae Tang District, turn left to Pai District, Mae Hong Sorn Province on route no. 1095, km 65-66. You can see the junction to Huai Nam Dan National Park.