Phu chee fa

Phu chee fa : A great viewpoint for the sea of mist in Thailand

Phu chee fa is the highest mountain of Doi Pha Mon is located at the eastern end of Chianrai province and overlooks the border with Laos. It covers Baan Rom Fah Thong, Tambon Po, Wiang Kan district and Baan Rom Fah Thai, Tambon Tubtao, Terng district at a height 1,700 meters from sea level. The peak of Phucheefa is an acute cliff protruding in the air. On Phu chee fa, there is one kilometer width grassland which is a beautiful view point. At the front, it is a high cliff where you can see Chiang Tong village in Laos. There are two highly popular view points, at the top of Phu cee fa and the lawn before reaching the top. The view is best seen at dawn on a clear day when the valley below fills with mist.

Phu chee fa in the daytime to evening is also spectacularly beautiful. There are views of the meadow and lofty mountains which varies in each season. The gorgeous golden meadow changes as the mist flows slowly in the morning and evening.At the end of winter between December – February, on the road from Phu chee fa to Doi Pha Tung masses of pink blossom Sakura or Nang Phaya Seuakrong flowers can be seen along both sides of the road. At the end of the winter between January – February, Phu cee fa will be in blossom with the gracefully white Siaw flowers. We will find Siaw flowers growing with Phaya Seuakrong trees, but Siaw flowers bloom longer at the end of the winter.

How to get there:

From the town of Chiang Rai, go on Highway no. 1020 to Terng district, approximately 64 kilometers. Then, take highway no. 1021 (Terng-Chiang Kam) for just 6 kilometers and turn left to Highway no. 1155. This part has moderately difficult driving through Pang Kha, Baan Rak Tin Thai, Baan Rak Phan Din and Baan Phan Din Thong. At around 25 kilometers, turn right to Highway no. 1093 head to Chiang Kam district, Paayao province for 11 kilometers. When arriving at the intersection, turn left by the guide post for 1.7 kilometers, you will arrive at Phu chee fa National Park office. If you keep driving, you will find many resorts along the way. If come from Chiang Khong, take Highway 1020 for approximately 15 kilometers, then turn left to Highway no. 1155. There you will see the guide post to Phu chee fa or from Doi Pha Tung, drive up from Baan Rom Fah Thai.