Churrasco Steak House
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15.00 - 23.00

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Monday - Sunday

Ravenous cravings are strange things. Some people would die for a square of their favourite chocolate. Others cannot sleep – knowing that the last slice of Edam cheese is sitting in the fridge, waiting. But perhaps the commonest cry from our carnivorous race is – “I just gotta eat meat!”
And what better place to go than a steakhouse to satisfy that longing. Churrasco is one of Samui’s few ‘dedicated’ steakhouses, so a visit seemed appropriate to see if they were capable of ‘delivering the goods’.
Situated on Chaweng Beach Road itself, opposite Chaweng Regent Beach Resort, the restaurant is in a prime spot. Easy to find, and an ideal place for people-watching the daily catwalk of passersby. Churrasco is attractively decorated, complete with old cartwheels and buffalo skulls, which gives the restaurant a distinct western flavour. It’s open air, but kept cool by many swirling fans. There’s seating for 78 and although the tables are close together, it isn’t cramped.

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